Modern football's artery

Football scouting is our focus point. Because no project can not respond the profit-loss in this area. We have a big & eliminated data for partner requests. Also we can work anywhere in the world for official demands.

We are not the best but our eyes strengthened with a well experience and this skill made us one of the few companies known in the field quickly. According to demands of the clubs, we works on the pitch. We know that we should find the right.

Player scouting, coach scouting, professional scouting and talents are core fields. Our rating system “Acspo” is our best friend on this long & hard way. We build the focus lists based on this rating, and then begin the monitoring and evaluation process for selections.

We have a massive network on this area. If requested, we can also take an active role in the transfer process of the players/coachs/professionals/talents with our partner agents/companies from all around of the globe.

If you have any request or any question on scouting, you can contact with us via